The Nest (2-4 years)



Our children begin learning long before their first day of school.

They watch. Absorb. Discover. Play!

The Nest was created for little learners and their families to do just that in a safe and Christ-centered environment.  Some of The Nest classes take place in a classroom setting while others allow the children to spread their wings a bit more, like our Tree Top Tots class. Regardless of the setting, our skilled teachers ensure the activities are age-appropriate, purposeful, nurturing, and FUN! Families are welcome to participate in all available classes or select individual classes according to need/interest. Class length varies from 30 minutes to 1 hour weekly during a six week session.  One of the greatest assets The Nest has is the partnership and participation from the families.

Whether it be a Grandma, Uncle, Mom or Dad….playing and learning alongside your child increases confidence, communicates love, and leaves the grown-up smiling like a little kid.

The Nest Programs:
Noisy Nest
Tree Top Tots