Shepherding each individual to their athletic potential is an integral part of our educational program. The participation in FCS athletics is about far more than physical challenges and accomplishments. It is about using the vehicle of athletics to discover one’s true identity in Jesus Christ and to be made “mature, and complete, not lacking anything” as a result of these very tangible opportunities.

When a student participates in a sports activity the benefits to the student are substantial. Check out the information in the links at the bottom of this page to understand how important participation in sports truly is for your student.

At Faith we see the benefits going even beyond the mental and physical health described in those documents. By participating in a sport, your student will grow spiritually as they understand the concepts of working together in the Body of Christ. By understanding each person’s strengths and weaknesses and working together to become the best we can be individually and as a team, we begin to understand the role we each play and the excellence God has called us to in the Body of Christ.

The Benefits of School Based Sports
10 Reasons for Playing Sports in School