Admissions criteria


  • At least one parent or guardian has a personal testimony of a relationship with Jesus Christ.
  • Families are actively participating and regularly worshiping in a local church which is in alignment with the FCS Statement of Faith.

Academic Profile

Each student gives evidence of a commitment to the learning process based on:

  • Report cards, transcripts, and other related documentation that indicate the student is an independent learner and can be successful in a traditional school environment.
  • Admissions assessment that indicates the student is equipped to succeed in a rigorous academic climate.
  • Satisfactory conduct records and personal references.

School Partnership

  • There is an understanding and an agreement with the statement of faith, philosophy of education, and mission of Faith Christian School to provide children with a Christ-centered education which means Jesus Christ is acknowledged in every area of life.
  • Families and, when age appropriate, students, agree to support and live in accordance with the Family Lifestyle Statement and the Gender Policy.

Parent and Student Handbook

  • Parents and students agree to read the Student Handbook prior to finalizing the enrollment commitment.