Middle School

At Faith Christian School, we believe that the primary objective of education is the communication of truth. In order for any education to be effective and valid, it must base its curriculum and its programs on the truth of God’s Word and God’s world and must teach the students to view everything through the lens of Scripture.

Our Junior High Program, including grades 6th, 7th, and 8th, builds on the foundation established in our elementary program by combining spiritual growth opportunities, challenging academic work, and many enjoyable social activities.

Academic Highlights
– English – Written Communication Skills
– Mathematics – Algebraic Skills
– Science – Life and Earth Science
– History – World Events and a Study of America’s Roots
– Bible – Chronological, Integrated Apologetics; Weekly Chapels
– PE – Healthy, Active Lifestyle Development
– Study Skills
– Art, Choir, Technology Skills
– Private Instrumental, Piano & Voice Lessons  Available

Learning Objectives
– Growing in Christ-like Character
– Acquiring a Christian Worldview
– Building a Solid Academic Foundation
– Developing Strong Study Skills
– Learning to Serve Others
– Assuming Personal Responsibility

– Language Arts, Science, History –A Beka &  Bob Jones Univ. Press
– Mathematics – Saxon, BJU
– Bible – Answers in Genesis Bible Curriculum

– Soccer
– Basketball
– Track and Field
– Softball

– Special Events
– Weekly Chapels
– Community Outreaches
– Spiritual Enrichment Week
– Plays and Concerts
– Winter Camp Day @ LGYC
– ACSI Spelling Bee
– ACSI Speech Meet
– ACSI Math Olympics

Community Service
Training our students to serve others is another step in the multi-tiered approach towards Christ-like character development. Junior High students are required to complete ten hours of community service each semester. This service program aims to encourage our pre-teens to be involved in ministry to the community through their local church, in community nonprofit organizations, in hospitals or nursing homes, or on an individual basis.