High School

Learn Love Lead
At Faith Christian School, we believe that the primary objective of education is the communication of truth. In order for any education to be effective and valid, it must base its curriculum and its programs on the truth of God’s Word and God’s world.

The High School Program at Faith is designed to encourage and equip students to pursue further education upon graduation. Whether choosing a four year program, Bible college, technical school, or military service, students are encouraged to think about their future and how their high school experience will best equip them to succeed for God’s glory.

School Profile 2017-2018

Christian Worldview
Students learn to integrate their faith into each academic subject. A biblical worldview is instilled in the students so that as they move on in life, they make decisions and evaluate what they learn in the future from a biblical perspective.

Students are challenged to “master the subject” and to develop a good work ethic. With a variety of classes is available, students, assisted by our academic counselor, plan their schedules and prepare for college and/or technical school.

Not only an outlet for talented players, the FCS athletic program is also a place for every student to learn teamwork and discipline. High school sports include boys soccer, girls volleyball, boys basketball, girls basketball, cheerleading, boys baseball, girls softball, and co-ed golf.

Faith students consistently score higher than the state and national averages on their college admissions tests. FCS students have a 5-year composite average ACT score of 23.1, compared to 22.2 for the state of Wisconsin and 21.0 for the nation.

High School Curriculum
• Curriculum materials used – A Beka, Bob Jones University Press, Saxon Math, Apologia, and others.
• Students are required to complete core courses in Bible, English, history and social studies, mathematics, science, physical
education and health, fine arts, and technology.
• Honors classes are available in English, science, history, mathematics, and Spanish.
• Advanced Placement English and Calculus are offered.
• Fine Arts electives include Choir, Band, Art I, II & III,  and PhotoShoppe.
• Science electives include honors classes in Chemistry, Physics, and Anatomy & Physiology.
• Math electives include Advanced Algebra, Honors Calculus, Advanced Calculus, and Consumer Math and Financial
• Technology electives include Advanced Computer and Yearbook.
• Spanish I, II, and III are available.
• Online classes in German are available.

Community Service Requirement
High school students are required to complete fifteen hours of community service each semester. This service program is designed to encourage our students to become involved in ministry at school, in their local churches, in community nonprofit organizations, in hospitals and nursing homes, or on an individual basis.

College Admissions
Faith graduates have attended a wide variety of private and public colleges including Bob Jones University, Calvin College, Cornerstone University, Dordt College, Gordon College, Greenville College, Hillsdale College, LeTourneau University, Milwaukee School of Engineering, Moody Bible Institute, Purdue University, Trinity Christian College, the US Air Force Academy, the Universities of Illinois, Minnesota and Wisconsin, West Point, and Wheaton College.