At Faith Christian School, we believe that the primary objective of education is the  communication of truth. In order for any education to be effective and valid, it must base its curriculum and its programs on the truth of God’s Word and God’s world.

Our Elementary Program strives to build the foundations necessary to equip our students to view the world through the truth of Scripture. It provides a safe and challenging environment in which students develop critical foundational skills for learning.

Reading: Phonics is the cornerstone of the school’s reading program so that students can master the all important functions of reading, writing, and comprehension.

Mathematics: In mathematics, students are steeped in math functions so that comprehension becomes second nature.  Junior/Senior High teachers are grateful for the math foundations that students develop in our Elementary Program.

Social Development: Our philosophy for social development emphasizes learning respect for those in authority and love for fellow classmates.

Spiritual Development: Students are encouraged to establish a personal relationship with Jesus Christ as Lord and Savior and to develop their prayer life with Him.

Additional Programs
– Daily Physical Education
– Weekly Art Classes
– Technology Instruction
– Weekly Music Classes
– Private Instrumental, Piano, & Voice Lessons Available

– Reading and Language – A Beka
– Math – Saxon
– History – A Beka
– Science – ACSI Purposeful Design (1st-4th), Bob Jones Press (5th)
– Bible – A Beka (1st & 2nd) Positive Action for Christ (3rd – 5th)

Daily and Weekly Activities
– Prayer and Devotions
– American Flag/Christian Flag/Bible Pledges
– Weekly Chapel

Special Events
Hands-on learning experiences are used to reinforce classroom lessons. Students in our elementary grades enthusiastically look forward to the following interactive events:

Grandparents Day                                  Teddy Bear Day
Festival of Praise                                     Packer/Bear Days
Christmas Concert                                ACSI Spelling Bee
Patriotic Week                                        Great Americans Day Chapel
ACSI Speech Meet                                  ACSI Math Olympics
Eagle Trek                                                    Annual Field Day
Field Trips                                                   Spring Spotlight