In a society of decaying moral values and declining academic performance, Faith Christian School remains committed to excellence in every endeavor of learning. Central to fulfilling our commitment is a belief that only Christ-centered education can teach the complete truth about God, the created world, people, and our children’s destiny.

It is the mission of Faith to equip students to discover truth through the lens of Scripture, to fulfill their potential for further academic pursuits, and to help them conform to the image of Jesus Christ. Five features characterize the education received by students at Faith.

blue_icon Christ-centered education acknowledges that God has created the world and that scientific studies should explore the laws  and principles by which His universe operates.

blue_icon Christ-centered education seeks to develop a student’s mind and talents for the purpose of glorifying God, subduing the earth according to His will, and fulfilling the Great Commission.

blue_icon Christ-centered education promotes the valuable role of Christianity in American and world history and critiques the claims of various philosophers, artists, and leaders from a Christian worldview.

blue_icon Christ-centered education believes that God’s Word, the Bible, serves as the source for moral truths that are not only absolute but also beneficial for the joy of mankind.

blue_icon Christ-centered education aids the efforts of families and churches to help the student come to know Jesus Christ personally and to enjoy an eternal friendship with God. A graduate of Faith Christian School enters life with a clearer understanding of his or her place in the world and is equipped for challenges of life and the questions they will encounter.